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We are continuosly updating our site with new projects and of course additional information on how to develop different types of businesses.

For over a decade, we have been helping businesses to become competitive and unique through our strategies (Marketing, Management & Information Technology).
Our team is freshly picked from a bowl of experienced consultants to provide the right balance of skills to get the job done.

Our Services

Continuously Creating Savvy Solutions


    Marketing Strategy
    Brand Development
    Design (Print + Web)
    Photography (Product)


    ITSM Strategy
    IT Training
    Web & Ecommerce


    Strategic Management
    Sales Management
    Marketing Management
    Project Management
    Change Management
    Quality Management

Did you fall asleep? There is more...but we are not done yet. Come back later

Our Process

How We Do It - Simple

1. Plan

2. Idea

3. Design

4. Develop

5. Result

About Us

Creativity with a Twist

Just a little about us

We are a group of passionate individuals with international experience in various industries offering diverse services, solutions and creative ideas for your business.

Vancouver to Vienna

No School is lead by an enthusiastic individual who brings creativity and diversity to the projects he works on.  Patrik has been working with many international companies in various industries over the past 20 years primarily focused on business development, marketing and implementing strategies to improve operations within organizations using technology and diverse control systems. 

"No school like the old school"

When it comes to doing business we are focused on getting the job done we promised, or as we say done the old way, the “old school” way. This means literally doing business by handshake or as some say "gentleman’s agreement”.

We recommend you search the internet for the term “old school like the old school” and you will come across a few movies that use this quote.

99% and learning

There is no such thing as 100% because there is always room for improvement. We are humble and appreciate each day as it is and learn from each project and the businesses we interact with.

Web & Design 99%
99% Complete
Branding 99%
99% Complete
Business Development 99%
99% Complete
Product Development99%
99% Complete
Change Management 99%
99% Complete
Quality Management 99%
99% Complete
ITSM Strategy 99%
99% Complete
Strategy Management 99%
99% Complete
Project Management 99%
99% Complete
Sales Management 99%
99% Complete
plus some other things...99%
99% Complete

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